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Star Wars: The Old Republic Ditching RNG & Changing Gear Upgrades in Legacy of the Sith

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When Star Wars: The Old Republic’s  Legacy of the Sith expansion arrives, RNG will be gone, Renown will also disappear, and guaranteed gear upgrades will happen in a  whole new way.

The overall philosophy of the updates surrounding the expansion are designed for players to feel like they have flexibility and the ability to play the characters they want in the way that they want. What legacy of the Sith will do is to reintroduce a vertical progression path for gearing. This is not going to be an entirely new system but it will give new experiences and options for gear. One of the major points of the new system will be removing randomness (RNG) almost completely. 

When it comes to better equipping yourself, most of the upgrades will be offered through the weekly mission rewards or even trading reward gear to get a new upgrade. If a player gets an upgrade from a mission reward that will affect the lowest rated equipped piece of gear. If you’re trading then you can decide which piece of gear you want to upgrade.

Drops from bosses will also be changing into just one of two possible progress rewards, one being a type of currency that you can trade to a vendor and rewards that you can use to upgrade some of your gear.

The Renown system is also gone, with an intent on providing different weekly content so that players can rotate through it, not just farm gear. Part of the changes mean that Group Finder will only let you participate in certain Flashpoints and Operations each week. But doing so with the narrower options, you will get guaranteed upgrades to your gear. There are other ways that gear will work but the overall changes look to make it easier for your time spent making progress, leveling up, and taking on the weekly challenges to result in rewards you need.

There’s a whole lot about how this itemization system will work in Legacy of the Sith in the update blog on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


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