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Star Wars: The Old Republic Combat Styles on PTS Adds Mercenary, Powertech, Juggernaut, and Marauder

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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More updated combat styles are now on the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS. The Mercenary, Powertech, Juggernaut, and Marauder are now up for testing and giving feedback on the changes made to streamline the game’s classes.

The ongoing work to tweak and make the SWTOR combat styles both more intuitive and still in line with the flavor of the Star Wars IP, continues. The team wants to leave players with the impression that the classes feel as they should, and what draws them to those classes when they do play them. With the test server, the idea is to reduce the number of abilities and to make the ones that do remain both work together well, are easier to understand, and still feel like what you'd expect for your class.

If you're going to hop in and test out the Mercenary,  Juggernaut, Powertech, or Marauder this time around, the team asks you to consider if playing this new updated combat style and options feels right. Does the Marauder feel like a Marauder to you? This isn't so much philosophical, though with Star Wars and its vast IP, there is that element in terms of does this class fit within the lore in how it plays? With the revamp looking to remove and streamline ability trees and even the number of steps it takes to pull off successful moves and use them strategically. 

You can access these new adjusted classes on the PTS now, along with previously released test builds of the other classes Jedi Guardian, Sentinel, Sniper, Operative, Assassin, and Sorcerer. All of them are still open to test and for giving feedback to the team on the same principles and ideas. The goal is to leave everyone with a "sense of new but familiar", according to the official announcement for the new PTS class test, before Legacy of the Sith is out. 


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