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Star Wars: The Old Republic Closes Out Onslaught Class Showcase With Juggernauts And Guardians

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Wars: The Old Republic's next expansion hits tomorrow, and the team at BioWare have been slowly releasing details about the upcoming changes for each class in Onslaught. After detailing all the classes thus far, SWTOR is rounding out their coverage of the Set Bonuses and Tacticals for Juggernauts and Guardians.

Coming with Onslaught, Juggernauts can expect to use their new class skill, Furious Power, which "Converts all Furious Power ability charges into stacks to buff your next attack by 25%. Each attack consumes one stack. Furious Power has 4 ability charges and regenerates 1 charge every 30 seconds." Additionally, each class gets a Tactical ability, such as the Immortal Juggernaut's Leviathan's Hide, which causes Crushing Blow to generate stacks of "Crushing Defense for every enemy it hits, increasing your damage reduction by 2.5% per stack for 10 seconds. "

Alternatively, the Guardian's new ability, Force Clarity, operates exactly like the Juggernaut's new ability. Guardians, such as the Vigilance Guardians will receive the Tactical "A Vicious Cycle," which causes Whirling Blade to trigger a Riposte to deal 30% more damage to your foe.

You can check out the full list of set bonuses and more here on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic page. With Onslaught slated to launch on the 22nd, it recently got some love from the official Star Wars Twitter account. 


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