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Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.1.1 Brings New Conquest to Manaan, But Galactic Seasons 3 Start is Delayed

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The latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, 7.1.1, is now live, laying the foundation for the next Feast of Prosperity event, adding additional options for Outfitter, and a new invadable planet in the Manaan daily area. Galactic Seasons 3, which was supposed to begin with this patch, has been delayed until a fix for a discovered bug can go out.

The last-minute change affecting Galactic Seasons 3 was shared just a few hours ago, after the rest of the patch had gone live. In an announcement to the community, the team shared that “We discovered an issue in Galactic Season 3's data during our maintenance testing window. In order to ensure a smooth experience for players, Galactic Seasons 3 is not starting with today's patch and will be effectively "turned off".

There will be a fix going up ASAP, but there’s no set time yet for that to happen, yet but further updates are promised. 

Galactic Seasons 3 may be on hold, but once it is ready to go, you’ll be able to recruit a new companion, Crouper Droid PH4-LNX, and work through a new reputation track for the Gambling Authority and Management Entity. This will earn you some new rewards.

As for what is live with 7.1.1, there are some new options in Outfitter that unlock 32 slots per player, with the ability to favorite and save outfits for easier use. Manaan gets a new invadable planet for conquests. Travel there for the new conquest objectives in the area. Also in the update are two new tactical items and some balance changes.

The update also sets the stage for the coming Feast of Prosperity event. This year’s event will begin on November 1st and  run through November 29th. Complete event missions for rewards. This year, the new rewards for the extended event are:

  • Gourmand’s Favorite Weapon Set
  • Duuba and Gaboorga Transport Skiffs
  • Feast Holo-Toy

See the full details over at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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