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Star Wars: Squadrons Launches Today, Soundtrack Available Now

Reliving Your X-Wing VS TIE Fighter Days

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The much anticipated release of Star Wars: Squadrons is finally upon us, as EA's spaceflight sim releases today. Releasing alongside the game is the digital soundtrack, scored by Gordy Haab.

Star Wars: Squadrons' features both a single player story line told from the perspective of both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire, seen through the eyes of the pilots duking it out in space. Squadrons puts you in the cockpit of one of 8 iconic Star Wars vessels, including the X-Wing, TIE-Fighter, and more. 

The first-person dogfighter also includes full support for myriad flight sticks, as well as VR support on PS4 and PC. Additionally, the game features cross-play support, allowing you to join your friends regardless of platform.

Releasing alongside the game today is the full score by Gordy Haab, the soundtrack is available on digital services such as Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.

We have been going hands on since yesterday, and so far it's scratching that X-Wing VS TIE-Fighter itch I've personally wanted for quite a while. Our review should be live next week as we get more hands on with the sim in real-world testing now that the multiplayer servers are fully up and running. 


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