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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Could Be Getting A Remake

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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While BioWare is hard at work finishing up their remake of the Mass Effect Trilogy, the Star Wars game considered by many to be the best in-universe game could be getting a remake according to journalist Jason Schreier.

The fact that Knights of the Old Republic could be getting a makeover isn't anything particularly new, as rumors have circulated for months. However, it feels all but confirmed thanks to an interview with prolific games industry reporter Jason Schreier, a journalist who has been at the forefront of breaking stories throughout his career. 

In an interview by MinnMax (spotted by PCGamesN), Schreier didn't just confirm that a Knights of the Old Republic remake was real, but even named the studio behind the job. In the interview, Schreier told MinnMax that "there is something there. It's real." However, he didn't stop there as he named Aspyr as the studio behind the port.

Aspyr, in case you're unaware, is a celebrated port house within the games industry, having recently worked on console ports for Star Wars: Jedi Academy and more. They even have history with KOTOR as they ported the mobile and Mac versions of the RPG.

While Schreier is known for breaking news stories and typically being at the forefront of these reports, we still don't have actual confirmation from Electronic Arts, BioWare, or even Aspyr. So it's still safe to take this with a grain of salt in the off chance it doesn't pan out. However, with Schreier's track record, this looks really good for those itching for a KOTOR remake.


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