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Star Wars Galaxies Restoration Will Release 1.0 on September 17th, With Further Plans Outlined

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Wars Galaxies Restoration will officially come out of Early Access and launch its 1.0 version on September 17th. The 1.0 update introduces the planet of Mustafar, adds a number of quests,  a secret process to work to unlock Jedi, and a number of fixes and quality of life updates for the project. 

This version 1.0 is intended, according to a press release discussing the launch, "to bring Star Wars Galaxies into 2022". Part of this includes changes that are intended to shore up and stabilize the now player-driven in-game economy, in addition to a number of bug fixes and other quality of life changes. 

The team, in the press release, touts that they have over 24,000 registered accounts and are launching this Star Wars Galaxies project with those players ready to potentially jump in. The team also outlines the longer-term plan for new content. The team has doubled and they are working on what else will come in the rest of the year and afterwards.

The plans for 1.1 are intended to build upon the release and build the community and new player experiences. This will include adding things like mini-events, new playable species, and profession improvements.

Later, 2.0 will introduce updated PVP and Galactic Civil War systems, in addition to other  systems like bounty hunting.  2.1 follows this and contains some plans for enhancing the Galactic Civil War system, adding upgrades for player cities and systems and functions, and letting players begin creating and managing regional governments. Star Wars Galaxies’ player cities still hold a lot of fond memories for players of the original game, so expect these to be important here too.

This project builds on the potential of some of the original features into a more player-driven sandbox, while still being Star Wars Galaxies. Find out more over at Star Wars Galaxies Restoration.


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