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Star Wars Galaxies Legends Project Admin Announces Project Departure

'in the safest of hands...'

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new letter on their forums, RoarAsh, the Project Admin for Star Wars Galaxies Legends, has announced that he is departing the project.

RoarAsh begins by explaining the deep connection he feels with the community members over the past five years. He cites listening to player stories, learning about friendships, and the general experiences people have had through SWG Legends.

He then writes that the time has come to chase his own dreams, sentiments which he shared on Twitter,

RoarAsh notes that the project is in the safe hands of the team behind it, noting that it’s been his honor to be a part of the team and project,

“There are many special people I want to thank but I’d be listing them forever; one special mention to Neliev. You all know who you are though! But for now, It’s time for me to start writing a new chapter of my own story. I will depart from the project after Legends celebrates it’s official five year anniversary on February 28th. I hope to see all of you in-game during the celebration period.”


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