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Star Wars Galaxies: Legends Holds a Community Memorial Today, the Fifth Anniversary of Carrie Fisher's Passing

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Today is the fifth anniversary of the passing of actress Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016. Star Wars Galaxies: Legends is holding their annual remembrance event. The memorial offers up a chance for the community to gather and share memories, as well as pay tribute to the actress behind one of Star Wars’ most enduring characters.

When you play such an iconic character like Princess Leia (and later, General), someone like Carrie Fisher deserves to be remembered by fans who found her special and an inspiration for decades. The tribute will begin at Dee’ja Peak on Naboo, and it will start at 3 PM Pacific time, 6 PM Eastern and 23:00 UTC.

The community will be able to share moments or memories with the team to be shared via the in-game system messages. Memories of what Carrie Fisher meant to you, how Princess Leia shaped you, and anything else relevant to this memorial can e submitted for the queue on social media or in the announcement post. For those who are able to join the memorial and stick around for at least five minutes, /bow-ing or simply joining others in sharing the love, after being present for five minutes you’ll be able to get a special memorial item.

The celebration is one of the life of a very special actress. Star Wars fans, including the particular power of what it means to be able to gather within an MMO space to share something meaningful through the power of community. That community will surely come together again in a respectful and sincere memorial that celebrates what Carrie Fisher meant to so many for these decades, from her love for her work to her famous sense of humor, there’s still so much many of us will continue to miss.

For more, including how to share your messages for in-game system tributes, and the full schedule time conversion, see this post at SWG: Legends.


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