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Star Vault Wants You to Show Up Ready to Battle to Help Polish Mortal Online 2's Sieges

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Work continues on Mortal Online 2, and tomorrow, Star Vault would love to see players ready for a brawl. This is to help the team test out server performance and tools for the siege and war features. There’s also a hotfix that fixes some issues and updates issues addressed in the last patch.

With sieges such a huge feature finally settling into place in development, Heinrich stream will be tomorrow and he's looking for about 400 players to help the team hit the load levels to stress the servers and participate in a large-scale brawl. They're looking to hold a battle test that will give them valuable data on server performance and load in order to shape development for sieges and large-scale war. 

Since this is more about the number of players gathered in the same place to strain the server, you don't even have to wear any particular armor. In fact, if you don't want to risk anything, you can show up with nothing at all. You don't need armor or weapons because they'll at least get data from the presence of hundreds of players taking part.

If you are available at 7 PM UTC tomorrow, log in at Meduli and Henrik will advise when he begins his stream. While players are testing, there will be the usual Q&A, so come ready for battle, but also maybe come ready with questions.

Yesterday, there was a hotfix that took care of a couple of issues,, including spiders not spawning inside the Morin Khur spider cave and the Nitre Queen and Spider Queen behaviors not working as intended. The new points of interest added in the last patch get some new foliage. The team also fixed “a big hole in the world” in Morin Khur.

This hotfix reverted the weapon speed changes from the last patch. The last patch also had something missing from the notes. VoIP World positions will know update more frequently.

For more on tomorrow's battle test, read the announcement over at Mortal Online 2


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