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Star Vault Making Progress on Promised Mortal Online 2 Features, With an Updated Roadmap Incoming

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Star Vault is giving some more peeks into what’s coming to Mortal Online 2. The latest details from the CEO Henrik’s stream include some new fishing rods, some changes to the general roadmap, an update on siege machines, and how fixes and improvements remain a top priority.

While the team does still have a series of promised fixes and improvements to go, things are also moving on a few fronts. Henrik promised that there will be an updated new roadmap soon, based on the team making changes to how they are going to roll out coming patches. They've also created a system that will allow them to release hotfixes for quicker fixes as needed. 

With the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade also coming, shoring up the game is the right priority. Though fixes and optimizations will continue being the core of the next patch and beyond, more content is coming. Finally, the CEO streams are going to change a bit too, to be shorter and “more digestible”.

So what is coming? They’ll be adding some new craftable fishing rods, based on the designs that were in beta but never made it to launch. Different materials will make for different stats as with other crafted items in MO2.

There’s some movement on siege machines. The team is close to finishing art assets and design for the siege and territory control mechanics, so this feature is coming. Also coming, but on a less-defined timeline is the promised knockdown system. The team is short-handed on animators and is working to hire more. They’re also still planning to add dynamic world events, but are going ahead with siege machines and territory control first.

Some bug fixes, like one that has been plaguing domination is close and planned for the next patch. That next patch will be primarily concerned with fixes, balance changes, and improvements, but there is optimism that the new mechanics and content will follow. 

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