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Star Vault Admits Rushing Mortal Online 2 Development, Promises 'Project Polish', a Full Pivot to Fixes for Now

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Vault is still working on getting Mortal Online 2 into shape, both improving the game and increasing stability. There's a new update, "Code Name: Project Polish",  with the team reflecting on what happened with their ambitious pre-launch work, as well as a pivot to overhauling the early game and fixing things.

When Mortal Online 2 was released, it wasn’t long before the issues became apparent, as it was launched in an unstable state. If you were one of the early buyers, you probably remember overloaded servers and many players getting stuck in the starter area, leading to the addition of Myrland instances that were only partially functional and put in for overflow. The team switched to working exclusively on fixing the bugs and improving stability, promising that content updates would still be coming down the line once they were able to stabilize things. 

This new update addresses the community and Star Vault promises to do better. “We are very much aware of the current issues players are facing, and we know the quantity of bugs which disrupt gameplay on a daily basis is unacceptable,” it reads, in part. After this, the team admits that deadlines were coming and going and they rushed it. The project also grew by a lot, and they admit that they didn't spend enough time on each patch, resulting in bugs and instability.

So they’re changing their development roadmap once more. 

These roadmap changes may disappoint some, but once again, Star Vault is committing to a nearly full force of work on building out and polishing the game, including an improved new player experience and starting zones, fresh new points of interest, and an expanded task system.

For those looking forward to necromancy or additional expansions to the world, you’ll have to wait a little longer. If Star Vault does build up the foundation of Mortal Online 2 with a focus on keeping things going for years to come, it may be worth the wait.

See the full update over at Mortal Online 2.


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