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Star Trek Online's Winter Event Starts April 24

Winter in April

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It may be April, but Star Trek Online is hosting a Winter Event going live on April 24.

The event will run on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 from April 24 through May 4. Q’s Winter Wonderland will be available, “as if the same event from 2019’s appearance was in place.” Presumably, you’ll find it in the same place in the same way as the 2019 event.

If you haven’t completed any progress toward the 2019 Grand Prize Ship, you’ll be able to earn Daily Progress during the event at this time for a chance to earn the Fek’Irhi Fe’Rang Dreadnought Carrier. Finally, a Lobi Package containing 200x Lobi Crystals is available as well for a limited time. You can buy this by trading in ornaments you have collected by taking part in the various event activities during the event time. Keep in mind, you can only buy one per account.


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