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Star Trek Online's Summer Ship Selection Streams Continue

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The team behind Star Trek Online has shared a twist in how they’re going about the annual Summer Event Ship.

The team notes,

“We’re trying something a little different with this year’s Summer Event Ship. Normally, we have a big internal pow-wow about what ship we want to do, and the team chooses their favorite concept and moves forward to the design phase, behind closed doors. But this year, we’re opening up the design phase to some of our team who normally don’t get a chance to flex their artistic muscles on ship design, and we’re leaving the choice of what the summer ship will be up to you.”

Basically, on their weekly stream, Ten Forward Weekly, a team member will design a Risian Science Ship by hand. After four total streams (the first one took place on March 11), they’ll post these drawings on their site and put them up for community vote.

Once this is done, Concept Artist, Hector Ortiz, will take the winning drawing and turn it into a ship concept. From here, it will be handed off to the Ship Artist team and eventually make its way into the Summer Event Ship. Here are the stream details below:



Team Member

March 11th

11am PT

Senior Environment Artist Nick Duguid

March 18th

4pm PT

Test Analyst Christian Griffith

March 25th

4pm PT

Senior Content Designer Jesse Heinig

April 1st

4pm PT

Systems Designer Jonathan Herlache


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