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Star Trek Online's Reflections Update Brings the Mirror Universe Content to Console Today

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Star Trek Online's Reflections update is going live today on Xbox and PlayStation. This major release marks the first story content featuring the Mirror Universe and kicks off the next major storyline in the game. If you’re ready to begin the adventure to find more about the Terran Emperor, then this is your gateway. This update also contains some special content and references to the Star Trek: Lower Decks animated series.

Reflections features Admiral Leeta, the Bajoran leader of the Terran Empire. She arrives asking for help with a major threat that endangers all. Leeta is played by Chase Masterson, who originally played the role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. When she approaches from the Mirror Universe, it's not clear if she can be trusted, but you have decisions to make in the face of the danger that may be coming.

Meet up with Leeta to hear her out at a Federation facility, then join Mirror Leeta on the mission to protect the Prime Universe from the Terran threats.

Reflections comes with a new Task Force Operation, "Operation Wolf". This will also incorporate the Mirror Universe, as you use a special Holodeck program to train your crew to infiltrate Mirror ESD for some classified information you'll need.

A new special event also starts with this release and continues over the next month. You'll be able to participate in episodes and TFOs to earn yourself a new T6 Mirror Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser. To mark the release, Arc Games is also giving a pack of Mirror Gear free once the event is live. You can claim a pack containing a Terran Empire uniform, rifles, a pistol, an XP boost, and more. You can claim these through November 23rd.

For more on Star Trek Online's Reflections update on consoles, see the official announcement here


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