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Star Trek Online's New Season, Unparalleled, is Now Live on PC

Sam Plaisance Updated: Posted:
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The latest addition to the Borg Saga has arrived on PC, and with this new Star Trek Online season, Unparalleled, comes new stories to follow along with, a new Battle Royale, and more. 

Denise Crosby has made her return to the Star Trek Online universe as we travel alongside our Aetherian friends and a “brand new version” of Sela who is the captain of the Enterprise F. The developers also mention a new twist to the formula that was started by the Arena of Sompek and the Kobayashi Maru, as there are now three different types of Borg. Within the new TFO Borg Battle Royale, we must gain the training to go up against Starfleet’s worst enemy and hold the line as long as possible to take home the victory. 

There will also be a new event to enjoy, known as the Delete Alt Control Event, that allows players to unlock the Dimensional Hypermass Torpedo Launcher. Alongside the Launcher, we can unlock the Type 14 Shuttle Support Squadron, 500 Lobi Crystals, and an Epic Prize Token from the Phoenix Store. The Infinity Lock Box will also be getting updated and hold new items from the Prodigy Lock Box, giving us the tech from our new allies for the first time. 

Another main feature of the update are the changes we are now allowed to make to our Captains. Captain Alteration Tokens will be available for purchase in order to change our Captain’s species and gender but allow us to keep any and all progress made prior to the change. The tokens will be 20% off for a limited time after launch, so it would be best to get them while they are on sale. 


Sam Plaisance