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Star Trek Online's Fall of the Old Ones Is The MMO's First Halloween Event, Runs For Three Weeks

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Trek Online is hosting a Halloween event for the first time ever this year, with players able to take part in the three-week-long Fall of the Old Ones event. The event itself centers around the alien races: the Old Ones and the Devidians and will see players help protect the Milky Way from the latter.

The event, which takes place for the next three weeks, will see players head to Pyris VII in an ancient castle. The Old Ones it seems have returned to study humanity itself, though their work has been annoyingly interrupted by the Devidians.

“It's time for STO's first ever Halloween Event! Like the First Contact Day event, this new three week event begins with a single activitiy, and will be expanded in the years to come. This time, Captains will find themselves transported to an ancient castle on Pyris VII. The classic aliens from the Original Series episode "Catspaw", the Old Ones, have returned once again to study humanity - but their plans have been disrupted by the Devidians! Can you navigate the darkness and terror of two of Star Trek's spookiest villains, and escape with your lives, or even your souls?”

The event itself, like First Contact Day, will start small, but build in the coming years. Players will be able to take part in this event and earn progress towards the Grand Prize Transmuter Want Universal Kit Module, as well as an Old One vanity pet. Other rewards, such as Dilithium Ore, reward boxes and more are up for grabs in the event itself during its run.

You can check out all the details on the official Star Trek Online website.


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