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Star Trek Online Ships Spotted in Picard TV Show Again, as A Good Day to Die Event Begins

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Star Trek Online has had some more of its ships featured in the new season premiere of the TV series Star Trek: Picard, further bringing ships from the game into official live-action canon. There’s also a new update starting the A Good Day to Die Klingon-themed event.

According to a series of tweets from STO Art Director Thomas Marrone, the Voyager B has made its debut in Picard, along with another ship in the credits, the U.S.S. Pioneer. Other ships observed in the TV series are the Enterprise-F, Odyssey Class. Marrone also said that an upcoming appearance by the Voyager A will happen in Star Trek: Prodigy. 

These appearances follow some initial ships that were originally created under the design team of Cryptic’s MMORPG spotted in Star Trek TV series. Working the other way around, there were a few items inspired by the animated show Star Trek: Lower Decks that worked their way into Star Trek Online.

Overall, the Trek canon is expanding bit by bit, and for fans, even a short glimpse of a ship or a reference bringing some aspect of the game they love to life within the live action space is just cool to see. Of course, Star Trek Online has also been bringing content for a while that includes arcs and a number of well-known characters from the Star Trek TV space reprising their roles for the MMO. It just makes sense to keep seeing some of the Cryptic team’s designs float over into the other parts of the franchise.

In the latest update, now out on PC, The A Good Day to Die event kicks off the 2023 Event Campaign season, with the first of five events this year. This event is Klingon-themed, And is live now through March 9th. There will be six-themed Task Force Operations to take on, all set in space, with a set of Torchbearer Collection items to collect after 14 days of progress on teh event. Also be able to earn yourself some new ships and more.

For more on the update, head to Star Trek Online.


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