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Star Trek Online Shadow's Advance Brings Janeway and more Mirror Universe Content to Consoles

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Shadow’s Advance, the new season 25 of Star Trek Online featuring new content with Star Trek: Voyager's Captain Janeway, is now live on Xbox and PlayStation after successfully launching on PC.

Janeway, or the Mirror Universe version of her anyway,  is now Marshal Janeway, and she is leading a group of Terran forces with the goal of kidnapping someone of great importance from a station in Federation space. You’ll also be able to team up with two Mirror Universe allies, Captain Killy from Star Trek: Discovery and Admiral Leeta, originally from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. All are portrayed by their original actresses, with Kate Mulgrew and Mary Wiseman new to the game as Janeway and Killy, and Chase Masterson, playing Leeta,  already part of STO since the Mirror Universe was introduced last year. 

Shadow’s Advance will introduce a new episode, Redshift, which lets you team up with Marshal Janeway and work to capture someone from a secure facility. The whole story is being recounted by Admiral Janeway, who is from the Prime Universe, and lets fans meet this later version of a character they’ve known and loved. 

The update also features a new Task Force Operation for five captains and it is called Iuppiter Iratus. Gather a team of five and team up in order to stop the Terran Empire from stealing data from Jupiter Station. 

It’s also the 12th anniversary of Star Trek Online, and the celebration now opens up on console. The Mega Molecule Stabilization Mission is back and if you can capture and help stabilize Omega molecules spread around the galaxy by Q, then you could get your hands on this year’s anniversary ship, the T6 Jarok  Alliance Carrier. You’ll have to participate in episodes and TFOs that have something to do with the Mirror Universe too.

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