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Star Trek Online: Refractions Out Today, Concluding the Terran Gambit and Opening the 13th Anniversary

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Star Trek Online is celebrating 13 years of adventures, exploration, and community. Today, the latest update, Refractions, launches on PC, with the conclusion of the Terran Gambit arc and more Mirror Universe mayhem.

In Refractions, if you haven’t been following the story so far, you’re in for something big. The latest episode,“Fujiwhara Effect”, features Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher having merged with The Other. In doing so, he has The Other’s power, which means he can use it on his way to and when he gets to Earth, bent on destruction.

This is the conclusion of the Terran Gambit, and features, once again, Wil Wheaton, returning to his role as Wesley Crusher. Expect Terran versions of other legacy Star Trek characters, including Dr. Beverly Crusher ( for the first time in STO), Admiral Leeta, with original cast members reprising their roles as well. 

Clearly, you will want to stop the combination Emperor Crusher-Other from succeeding in his plans for destroying everything. There's a new Task Force Operation, Bird Cage, where you will have to go Into the Mirror Universe for a prison break to free the Terran version of Dr. Beverly Crusher. She is key to perhaps stopping her son from destroying everything. The update also features two new patrols, Jupiter Station and Khonshu Khaibit. Both of these set within the Terran Gambit story arc and filling in some of the details..

The 13th anniversary event also starts today and runs through February 23rd.  You'll be able to earn yourself a shiny new Tier 6 ship, a V’ger themed Compiler Science Dreadnought. You'll be able to collect Omega fragments and craft Omega tech upgrades from Q with the return of the Omega Molecule Stabilization game to celebrate the anniversary. 

The update will be released on console at a later date. For more on the Refractions update and anniversary, head to Star Trek Online.


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