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Star Trek Online: Reflections Live Now - Brings the Mirror Universe, Lower Decks Content

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Trek Online Reflections update brings the Mirror Universe into action in the newest story content for the game. There's something dangerous going on with Terran Emperor and his plans, so Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe comes to ask for help. This opens up a mission that affects both sides. 

Reflections brings back Admiral Leeta, again played by Chase Masterson, returning to the role she played on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her introduction in STO is also the Mirror Universe’s intro. Leeta, asking for help and not entirely sure if she's someone you can trust, especially from the other side and reporting threats and cruel plots, sets up the next chapter for Star Trek Online. Something is coming, and it's up to you to get to the bottom of it.

The new Task Force Operation, "Operation: Wolf" lets you into the Mirror Universe version of the Earth space dock. Available for purchase are also an Elite Captain Boost and new upgrades for upgrades to device, weapon, trait slots, and more.There's some free content too from today when Reflections launches, and available through September 28th at 10am PT. Grab the Mirror Gear pack with a Discovery Era Terran Empire Uniform, Terran Empire Odyssey Uniform, rifles, phaser, a turret kit, and even an XP boost. 

Reflections launches today, and the update also includes the first time content from Star Trek: Lower Decks in the game. This includes the Parliament Class, based on the U.S.S. Vancouver in the animated show, along with some Starfleet weapons.

Also of note, there’s also a list of ships that have been remastered or redone. Some ships got some polish or some extra love recently, including the Andromeda Class Exploration Cruiser and the Concorde Class Command Battlecruiser.

Join the Mirror Universe in Star Trek Online with Reflections out today. For the full announcement, or to get started in the game, check out this update.


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