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Star Trek Online Launches Its Age of Discovery Content

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Star Trek Online devs are welcoming captains to the Age of Discovery starting today. Players can log in to the first part of the new content that is based on the Star Trek: Discovery series from CBS All-Access and will see players face off against the Klingons and working alongside Cadet Sylvia Tilly. Tilly is voiced by series actress Mary Wiseman.

Age of Discovery is available for Captains of all levels and does, in fact, "unlock level requirements for all of the game's story content and provides a streamlined mission flow for new players while providing active captains with a new Random Task Force Operation System, added Reputation Tiers and other new features".

Age of Discovery is set in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Binary Stars. Player characters are Starfleet Academy graduates who take off on a mission with their "close friend Sylvia Tilly". 

A vicious Klingon attack interrupts their maiden voyage, as they are confronted by J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma. Lifted from the pages of the IDW comic series Star Trek Discovery – The Light of Kahless, J’Ula is brilliant, cunning and opportunistic, and seeks the secrets of the Federation by any means necessary. Leading the resistance against J’Ula will take Starfleet Captains on an unforgettable journey aboard the U.S.S. Glenn, to iconic locations featured in Star Trek: Discovery, from Starbase 1 in Federation Space to the Dilithium Mines of Corvan II.

Other content includes:

  • Playable Discovery Era faction
  • Two new episodes - one aboard the USS Glenn and the other repelling a Klingon attack on Starbase 1
  • New Task Force Operation - players return to 2256 "through historical simulation to protect Starbase 1"
  • Random Task Force Operation System that includes a large bonus for completing the challenging content
  • Retooled Mission Journal to "help new players better access the main story content"
  • new reputations

Learn more on the Star Trek Online site.


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