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Star Trek Online High-Level Captains Can Now Unlock Account-wide Progression

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Star Trek Online team has laid out the brand new details about the new Personal Endeavors system, essentially an account-wide progression system for captains of level 60+. Each day, captains will be given a trio of "Personal Endeavors" (easy, medium, hard) "that are shared account-wide and unique to every account" and are an addition to the "Universal Endeavors" (formerly server endeavors). These endeavors will "unlock account-wide stat increases".

Personal Endeavors yield experience that, when enough is gained, will earn captains a Perk Point. These can be spent on one of three random options "for advancing a stat in the game".

Personal Endeavors were designed to give small objectives when you log on, but nothing so overwhelming that you weren’t able to do the other things you wanted to do with your time in Star Trek Online. Examples of Personal Endeavors could be as simple as doing damage of a certain type, or going to a specific Battlezone to defeat a particular enemy. We expect that most players will be capable of completing even the “Hard” difficulty endeavors without having to traverse too far outside of their existing play patterns. The goal was to introduce just enough variation to make each daily login feel a little more special, and a little more unique.

In addition, captains can earn reward boxes for completing Personal Endeavors that can contain normal XP, Personal Endeavor XP, Endeavor Boxes, crafting materials, Reputation Marks, Fleet Marks and / or Captain Specialization Points.

Check out the full details on the Star Trek Online site.


Suzie Ford

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