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Star Trek Online Captains Can Take Part in Operation Riposte Starting April 18th

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Starting April 18th and running for three weeks, PC Star Trek Online captains can take part in Operation Riposte, "the first major Federation offensive of the Klingon-Federation War of 2256-57". During the event, players level 10 and above can earn a TFO Commendation every 20 hours and will allow players to "earn progress toward a free ship by participating each day in the featured TFO Events" that will run from now through the fall. 

Operation RIposte provides players with a first look at some of the details coming in the Rise of Discovery content update. "Five Alliance captains will gather at Priors World to complete the critical tasks necessary in liberating that planet from its Klingon conquerors".

A new game system sees players ern Coupon Progress Tokens every day across their account. Eventually, they will receive a 100% Discount Coupon for a Tier 6 ship.

Players can also complete the "TFO" for 14-days consecutively to earn the Console - Universal - Priors World Elite Defense Satellite.

The Console - Universal - Priors World Elite Defense Satellite may be equipped on any starship, and allows them to call a powerful stationary defense platform into play. Originally developed to defend the strategically important Federation planet known as Priors World, this defense satellite technology still holds up to this day as a valuable tool for providing both defense and offense when deployed onto the front lines of a confrontation. It is outfitted with powerful tractor emitters designed to burn out after a single use, which saves tremendously on construction and replication costs, as well as lowering power draw. These tractor emitters will latch on to enemy ships when the satellite is first deployed, corralling them toward the satellite for ease of engagement. Once its weapon systems come online (which requires several seconds), the satellite is set to constantly re-evaluate dangerous nearby targets, providing a withering barrage of multi-target covering fire for all allies in the vicinity.

The console version of Operation Riposte will launch later in 2019.

Read all the details on the Star Trek Online site.


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