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Star Trek Online Boosts Pilot Bridge Officer Abilities To Make Them More Impactful

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Pilot Bridge Officers are getting some much-needed attention in Star Trek Online's, aiming to make all the abilities of the Officer impactful across the board. 

The changes affect the Pilot Bridge Officer pretty much across the board, boosting many of the skills to make them more impactful and useful when piloting. The intent of the STO team was to boost "raw power in whatever area made them most special."

"The design intent here is simple: raise the power level of Pilot BOFF Abilities such that they’re worth using alongside other more popular BOFF Abilities. Most Abilities got raw power in whatever area made them most special. Reroute Reserves to Weapons, Clean Getaway, and Deploy Countermeasures got more thorough rebuilds because they needed clearer jobs to do – situations where it’s obvious what the Ability can do for the Captain."

Skills like Reinforcement Squadrons are getting more experimental changes, with the team tracking everything to influence further changes down the road. Engineer Bridge Officers aren't getting away unscathed either, with two abilities getting some tweaks as part of this change. Starship Shields is being tooled to be able to fight off the Borg threat in the universe more while Emergency Power to Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity are getting tweaks to "grant conditional and unconditional immunity to Shield Drain during their respective effects. "

These changes will be coming to PC later this week, but will be held back from console until the Star Trek Online team has had a chance to experiment and address feedback and tweaks arising from the PC builds.


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