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Star Trek Online 'Best Served Cold' Event Starts November 12

Runs for 3 weeks total

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Trek Online’s latest event will see you preventing Aakar from breaking out of prison on Rura Penthe, called Best Serve Cold.

You’ll have to carry out objectives and kick out Aakar from that region. The event will start on November 12 and will run for a total of three weeks. You can compete for 14 days to earn the grand prize. This grand prize on PC is the Nanopulse Targ Combat Pet; for Xbox One and Playstation 4 players, the Grand Prize is Molor’s Flaming Sword.

Nanopulse Targ is a combat pet item which will help you in ground combat. It’ll attack enemies using energy blades and physical attacks. if you want, you’ll be able to buy the pet outright on the Zen Store for 400 Zen. You can check out the full details of this event here.

In case you missed it, Star Trek Online is joining the Vendor's Haul Convention on November 7 with Erin Macdonald, the Science Advisor for Star Trek in general, and STLV mainstay, “The Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait along with Senior Content Designer Jesse Heinig.


Poorna Shankar