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Star Trek Online Battle For Qo'nos Starts Next Week, the Last Chance for Infinity Promotions

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Trek Online’s next special event will be arriving next week in advance of the next content release. The Battle For Qo'nos event runs from November 16th-December 7th for PC and will begin on consoles a little later. 

This event is also the final one of Event Campaign three so this is the last chance for you to make progress toward a free tier 6 Infinity Promotion or Infinity Lockbox ship. The first character you have on your account that claims the reward what are three boxes that contain a choice of a specialization point or an enhanced universal tech upgrade.

So what can you expect from the Battle For Qo'nos? Every day, you’ll be able to make progress toward the grand prize Console - Universal - Aakar's Vengeance. Aakar specializes in electric warfare, so being able to get Aakar’s ship will let you launch an electrical burst towards a target and deal electrical damage that bypasses shields and then begins to shut down other non-shield systems. It’s a pretty impressive option to add to your fleets. In order to claim Aakar's Vengeance, you must make 14 days of daily progress in any of the game’s TFOs. Once you’ve earned enough daily progress, you can claim the ship.If you get your 14 days and you still want to do TFOs during the event time, you’ll get scaled dilithium rewards for the rest of the event period.. 

There’s another option to complete the event and claim the ship, and that’s through a Zen purchase in the shop. You’ll pay a prorated price depending on how much progress you’ve made yourself towards the main goal. This will also work for those who start the event too late to actually get through the 14 days required to claim the ship but still want to add it to their collection.

For more, see the event announcement on Star Trek Online.


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