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Star Trek Online Adds Training Simulation of the Synth Attack on Mars

Those Who Don't Study History Are Doomed to Synth Attacks?

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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In an upcoming update, Star Trek Online players will get to relive, and learn from the infamous Synth attack on Mars through a Starfleet training simulation. Do you have what it takes to learn from history?

In the new training simulator, players will be forced to stand against the Synth Wave and attempt to defeat them all, no matter the odds. The recent article detailing the encounter pits players against odds that they are unlikely to be able to overcome:

“Starfleet has tasked me with running this simulation of the Synth attack on Mars. I will not mince words here. This is not a battle you can win. But it's not a battle you must lose either. The goal of this training is to give you a critical piece of history to carry with you in your heart, rather than just as a number in your mind”

Last month the House Divided update came to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This comes on the heels of just one of many patches that Star Trek Online has put in place, as part of the games ongoing content and balance changes.


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