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Star Trek Online Adds Captain Janeway From Voyager In Shadow's Advance, Out Today On PC

Coming To Console This March

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Trek Online is celebrating its 12th anniversary with a milestone in-game, as Shadow's Advance adds one of the first female captains in Star Trek history: Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager.

Star Trek Online long has a history of bringing in iconic characters from the universe with the original actors who played them on TV, and this time it's no different. Kate Mulgrew, who originated the role on Voyager, joins the MMO to reprise the part of Captain Janeway, helping players along the way in a new episode coming with Shadow's Advance.

Via the press release from Cryptic Studios:

"For the first time in Star Trek Onlinehistory, Captainswill play the Mirror version of their own characters in the featured episode, “Red Shift.” Playerswill join Terran forces led by Marshall Janeway (Kate Mulgrew, who originated the character in Star Trek: Voyagerand was recently featured in the new animated series Star Trek: Prodigy) to kidnap a person of great importance from Jupiter Station in Federation space. They will be joined by Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman),the Mirror version of Ensign Tilly from Star Trek: Discoveryand Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson), the Mirror Version of Leeta the Dabo girl from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The game’s newest season follows their story from the perspective of Admiral Janeway from the Prime Universe,who is retelling the accounts of their actions."

In addition to the new episode, Star Trek Online Shadow's Advance brings a new Task Force Operation that sees players banding together to stop the Terran Empire from stealing data from Jupiter Station. This also marks the 12th Anniversary of STO and the devs at Cryptic have an event planned bringing back the Omega Molecule Stabilization Mission. 

You can check out more on the official websiteShadows Advance hits PC today, while console players will be waiting till March to get the update.


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