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Star Trek MMORPG

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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Perpetual Entertainment, a San Francisco-based software developer, has just announced that it is working on a MMORPG based on the Star Trek universe.  The press release on their website reads as follows:

Perpetual Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights from Viacom Consumer Products to develop and publish a massively multiplayer online game based on Paramount Pictures' Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek is one of the world's most popular, longest-running, and beloved sci-fi properties, with millions of passionately devoted fans throughout the world. As Star Trek celebrates its 38th anniversary, Star Trek gaming begins its next evolution.

The license encompasses all live-action motion pictures and television series including, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. "The scope of the content license is extraordinary for a game of this kind, giving us the opportunity to immerse fans and players in the incredibly rich, diverse and exciting universe of Star Trek,"said Joe Keene, CEO of Perpetual Entertainment.

The game will deliver action, adventure and combat mechanics unique to persistent world games. Its design includes a rich array of solo and multiplayer missions set in space, on planets and in starbases throughout the universe. At launch, it will take place during the 24th century timeline in the series with other aspects of the Star Trek universe to be interwoven and added through expansions.

"Players will encounter characters, places, and situations from their favorite Star Trek movies and television series; will explore incredible new worlds; and will cooperate with or battle friendly and hostile races throughout the game," said Chris McKibbin, President of Perpetual Entertainment.

"Fans of Star Trek have been longing for a game that lets them participate in and explore the Star Trek universe," said Terri Helton, Executive Vice President of Viacom Consumer Products. "We have been searching for the right partnership for our time-honored Star Trek to create a game that not only appeals to fans but a broader audience as well. Perpetual's experience, technology and vision for this game make them the clear choice."

The game is expected to enter public beta testing in 2006 and to launch by early 2007. For more information, see http://gaming.startrek.com for "Frequently Asked Questions" about the game.

OK, all you Trekkies (excuse me...Trekkers) out there, this is your dream come true.  It looks like a Star Trek MMO will see the light of day and that a solid developer is behind it.  As of this writing, the link in the press release has no information about the game, but you can check out the official press release by clicking here.

UPDATE:  The official FAQ may be found at this link.


Reed Hubbard