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Star Trek MMO - Interview

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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An interview with Joe Keene and Chris McKibben of Perpetual Entertainment, the team behind the recently announced Star Trek MMO, has been posted at IGN.  Don't expect any concrete details this early in the development cycle, but the interview sheds a good bit of light on the goals of the team at Perpetual.

IGNPC: Is there going to be an overarching story for the MMO as a whole or are you just going to stick them players in the universe and let them go crazy?

Chris McKibbin: I guess the answer is kinda both. We think the license lends itself to a lot of story lines, both as overarching ones and shorter durations, but we also think it's critically important that people get to establish their own characters and effectively experience what it would truly be like to live and adventure in the Star Trek world.

So we're going to do a combination of both with official missions and some dynamically created content. There will be overarching stories and missions to pursue, but players certainly won't be confined to those things.

We will keep you up to date as developments occur.  Click here to read the interview in full.


Reed Hubbard