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Star Trek Fleet Command Out on PC Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Trek Fleet Command has been attracting fans on mobile since its launch in late 2018, and as of today, the game is now available on PC. The PC launch is designed as fully cross-platform, so those who've been enjoying the mobile experience can simply log in on PC as of today too, and everyone will be able to pick up and play on both platforms interchangeably.

While the 4X MMO mobile title began with content from the Kelvin Timeline, based on the films that began in 2009. Since then, there have been a number of updates that have introduced more characters and settings, including The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Discovery. While the inspiration, the universe, and some plot details will be familiar to loyal fans, Fleet Command features both original content and room to customize. The decision to release as a cross-platform title now means it comes with plenty to keep you busy.

After a few years of updates and a loyal base that spends, according to developer Scopely, an average of five hours daily exploring and battling across the multiverse, there's content ready to be enjoyed by both Star Trek fans and those who are looking to explore and engage in strategic space battles. Fleet Command blends strategy and RPG with social features like Alliances, so the potential for new and current players to play across platforms should help with those especially well.

The PC release also comes with some bonuses for those just getting started or who link their existing mobile accounts. A resource bundle for the cross-platform launch will be available, and there are a few cosmetic items released to mark the arrival on PC. There will also be some sales and promotions available for those who download and play on PC.

For more on Star Trek: Fleet Command, to sign up and download on PC, you can head over to the official site.


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