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Star Stable's New Photo Mode is Here to Capture Your Memories

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 If you’ve played or watched someone play Star Stable., then you’re familiar with the wide variety of horses available in the game. Many colors and types, and all kinds of ways to interact with them. Well, the new Photo Mode should add even more ways to capture some memories of your collection in a new way to share with others.

The new mode came about originally as an idea generated at what the company Star Stable Entertainment calls “Passion Friday”. These Fridays are times when the staff gets to work on projects and ideas of their own. Senior Graphics Programmer Rasmus Karlsson tells how getting into Uncharted 4 on PS4 was the catalyst for bringing a photo mode into the horse adventure game. Uncharted 4 had a photo mode with the ability to zoom and change angles and filters. 

Karlsson began work on whether or not bringing a similar feature into Star Stable.was possible, and the first challenge was to pause the game a little. What he found is a way to make it run in the background and only paused the visuals for a photo opportunity. 

As for what to expect, the features will let you pause as above and set up your shot. You will be able to change the field of view and zoom into details if you want to highlight something. There are also filters, colors, saturation, and depth of field options. You can take the photo and it will be saved to your device that you're running the game on. 

Some of the other devs weighed in on how they’ve been using the photo mode during development and testing. In the blog announcing the feature, they share just what makes this feature in Star Stable Online unique, which also gives some tips on how to get started.

For more, read the full blog on the feature over at Star Stable.


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