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Star Stable Online Releases New Area And An ASMR Video

5-hour long nature ASMR

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Stable Online, the MMO horse game, has released a new area with its most recent update, the Wildwoods. And for those who want to experience the Wildwoods when away from their horse, the MMO has also released a 5-hour long ASMR video to get you through your day.

The Wildwoods is Star Stable Online's first in-game area in three years, and provides an area for players to meet all new types of wild horse breeds, as well as a village built "for and by horses," according to the developer. New wild horse herds will see players able to learn more about the horse breeds, their traditions and more. 

From the press release:

"Designed to delight players, Wildwoods is an entire land designed around horses and animals, containing a village built for and by horses where players can meet and play alongside new types of wild breeds – the Warriors, Botanists, and Mystics. In addition to completing new story quests, there will also be a number of social activations, allowing girls to collaborate and create with each other."

In addition to the new release in-game, Star Stable have created a 5-hour long (!!) ASMR video on the official Star Stable Online YouTube channel, dedicated to giving players a way to relax to the soundscapes of the Wildwoods without having to be logged into the MMO proper. The ASMR video is full of nature sounds, such as babbling brooks, sounds of songbirds floating through the air, croaks of frogs - and the occasional horse whinney and hoof clop.

Star Stable Entertainment states that more content for the Wildwoods update will trickle out from the developer this month, with more for players to discover every week. 


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