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Star Stable Gets Into The Holiday Spirit With Latest Seasonal Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Stable, the horse-themed MMO, is getting into the holiday spirit with a seasonal update bringing winter to Jorvik. The Winter Festival's update brings the holiday cheer to the world, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland.

Winter has come to Jorvik, with the event running until January 12th, bringing the holiday cheer to the horse MMORPG. With the update, players will get the chance to check out new seasonal shops, a snack cafe with friends, as well as check out the Yule Tree everyday for what the developers promise will be a "surprise."

"In the center of the Winter Village sits a magnificent Yule Tree. Visit each day in December to unwrap a new treat! Don’t worry if you miss a day, gifts will be wrapped and waiting until you return. Just don’t forget to collect them all before the Wednesday update on January 12th."

In addition to the daily gifts, players will have the chance to take part in Yule-themed festivities, such as searching for a lost treasure  with famed archeologist Alaska Jones, all while using the Aurora Borealis to guide the way. Some of the festivities are ways to simply wind down, to take in a story or even, as the developers put it, "create your own fun with friends."

You can check out the full details on the Star Stable website. The event runs from now through January 12th, giving players plenty of time to get into the Yule-tide swing of things and explore the newly laid out winter wonderland of Jorvik. 


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