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Star Ocean First Departure R Coming to Switch, PS4 on December 5th

Christopher Coke Posted:
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Classic RPG, Star Ocean First Departure R will soon be releasing on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game first came out on Sony’s handheld PSP and is a remake of the original Star Ocean. The new version will have a number of enhancements to make it worth experiencing for the first time or all over again upon its re-release.

From the release:

STAR OCEAN First Departure R tells the story of a young swordsman, Roddick, and his companions who at first set off on a journey to find the cure to a deadly disease, which then spirals into an adventure that spans across the sea of stars.

Improvements coming with the new version include:

Full Voiceover – Players can choose between the original full voice cast from the PSP® system version of the game in either Japanese or English, or the newly recorded version, featuring the voice cast from the original Super Famicom version in Japanese, which was previously released in Japan only.

New Character Illustrations – Players can opt for the original character illustrations utilized in STAR OCEAN First Departure, or brand-new versions drawn by the famous illustrator Katsumi Enami (STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE™).

Speed Mode – Players can speed up movement to traverse the world more quickly.

Adjusted Game Balance – Adjusted battle difficulty enabling players to enjoy more challenge in combat, a signature quality of the STAR OCEAN series.

For more information, visit the official Star Ocean website. Pre-orders can also be had here.

What about you – will you be picking up First Departure R when it releases this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!


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