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Star Conflict Receiving Interstellar Faction Wars Soon

Prepare for battle

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Conflict is heralding the imminent arrival of intergalactic planetary faction wars.

Faction wars will be a three sides battle between Jericho, the Empire and the Federation for control over artifacts left by the failed alien invasion. The political situation is very unstable, though no shots have been fired yet. This event is divided into two stages, and for now pilots are getting ready for the fight by completing faction tasks and unlocking ship components, pre-built ships, weapons and cosmetic items.

Players that complete all the tasks will get an option to assemble a new Relic destroyer. This ship was built using alien technologies and is equipped with a heavy G2 gauss gun. Purchasing a “Faction wars. Stage 1” battle pass will allow the players to get even more prizes and prepare better for the upcoming battles.

Seasoned pilots may also participate in the new brutal “Fight club” brawl. Free-for-all battles are held in the Velorum star system and Seed-Chips modifications are allowed. Finally, the special New Year bundles “Cyber-Santa Dart” and “Cyber ??Santa Gargoyle” with premium parts and cosmetic items are now available, while the game world is also extensively decorated with Christmas trees and other New Year decorations.


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