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Star Citizen's Latest Monthly Report Outlines Strides Made in January 2021

Star Citizen had a Planuary for January it Seems

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest Star Citizen Monthly Report from Cloud Imperium Games, the team outlines a long laundry list of features that they’ve worked on. The list includes many of the game’s important features from narrative progress to engine improvements.

A lot of progress can be made in a month, and the developers of Star Citizen want players to know that the game is improving steadily. The features, fixed and improvements that the team has been working on will partially be seen in the upcoming patch of Alpha 3.13, but some features may not hit their completion date for several months’ time.

The Monthly Report is certainly an article that Star Citizen players, or the Star Citizen curious ,will want to spend some time reading, as the game continues its development almost a decade after its initial successful Kickstarter campaign. With a ton of features still being actively worked on, we hope to see a prosperous 2021, as backers continue on that interstellar ride to beta.


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