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Star Citizen's Latest 'Calling All Devs' Talks Ship Features

Plus the Redeemer

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent Calling All Devs video from Star Citizen featured Vehicle Director, John Crewe, as he looked at some ship features like ship docking, physicalized armor, and more.

Ship to ship docking is currently being looked at with regards to physics and animations. For example, when two ships merge, such as the Constellation and Merlin, the actual physics of it all are, as you can imagine, quite important to making sure it’s done properly. Additionally, a permissions system was discussed to prevent random docking.

Physicalized armor was next, with the team intending to roll this feature out in several stages. First, only a few ships will have this feature. Once they’ve iterated on this, they’ll get to work on other ships. Additionally, all ships will have SDFs generated for their shield bubbles.

The Redeemer was also discussed with the team discussing how to progress. As of this writing, the Redeemer is a gunship and has changed a bit from its initial concept. However, from a design perspective, it’s still pretty similar.

You can check out the full 20 minute video below:


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