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Star Citizen's Free Fly Event Extended Until June 2

After a bevy of server instability woes

Garrick Durham-Raley Updated: Posted:
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Over the weekend, Star Citizen’s Free Fly event has had a bevy of technical issues preventing players from even logging in to the game. As a result, the Free Fly event is being extended through midnight June 2nd.

A developer post by Zyloh-CIG had this message to say:

“As mentioned earlier, we're aware that many of you have been experiencing issues throughout the day with accessing Star Citizen. Trust me when I say that these types of disruptions are just as frustrating to us as they are to all of you. We experienced a tremendous amount of players all connecting to check out everything Fleet Week has to offer, which resulted in a less than ideal first day. The good news is that the team has been heads down and focused on fixing issues as quickly as possible so that everyone can get back to the festivities. They've made great progress in stabilizing things, but have more work to do tonight. For this reason, we're holding off on starting the Free Fly until tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 6 AM PDT / 1300 UTC.We know this means that many of you missed out on playing today, so we're going to extend the Free Fly through midnight on June 2nd to try and make up for it. We'll continue to monitor closely and keep you in the loop every step of the way.”

This in-game event coincides with Invictus Launch Week and is an opportunity for new players to log in and try Star Citizen for free. However, players new and old alike experienced disastrous server stability this past weekend and players took to the forums to express their dissatisfaction. Most common experiences include being stuck in the login queue and NPCs not rendering.

Despite Star Citizen being unplayable for a number of players, they still saw a huge spike in crowdfunding sales over the weekend. If you’re thinking of checking out Star Citizen for yourself during this event, you can check out the current server status before hopping in so you can be aware of any outages.


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