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Star Citizen's Deadly Consequences Update Makes Your Journey More Dangerous and Strategic

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 In the latest update for Star Citizen, alpha 3.15 makes some major changes to the game, with the Deadly Consequences update introducing medical gameplay, bombing, looting, and more features to significantly change gameplay and danger levels.

This update introduces a new angle where players can be downed if they’re wounded and other players can revive them to get back into the fight. Players can call for rescue but while they’re waiting they can still be targeted by players or NPCs and even killed. Killed players will also be fully lootable, so this brings in strategy over what you’re carrying and what you need, and what you can risk to lose. And because injuries now come in three severity tiers and by body part type, there are different potential effects. Hit someone in the head and they may get dizzy. Hit someone in the arm and don’t count on them to have good aim. 

Since players can all be wounded in new ways, they can also be healed. Players can carry individual healing tools and other players can heal their downed allies. Healing tools have a side effect of increasing the players blood drug level, which can also affect how you’re able to play. The update also opens up the possibility of players taking on medic roles. New hospitals and clinics can help, and can be your respawn points.

Alongside the new dangers, there’s also manageable player inventory. You’re going to want to judge carefully what you carry with you. Additionally, the new NikNax asset manager app will let you locate and track your inventory from anywhere without having to be at a specific location like on your ship.

There are also new ships, because it wouldn’t be a  Star Citizen update without new ships. The new Origin 400i was introduced at CitizenCon. The Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2 bomber is also available, and it brings with it a new bombing mechanic. Finally, new mission types are also available.

It’s a huge update, and you can read the full details at this Star Citizen post.


Christina Gonzalez

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