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Star Citizen Update Brings Back Jumptown in a New Format, And Overhauls the Law System

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Return to Jumptown in the latest Star Citizen update, Patch 3.1 6.0 of the alpha. The update brings the Jumptown  2.0 event as well as other additions such as reworking Gravlev, new changes to the law system, a brand new ship, a working hospital location, and a bunch of fixes.

The update reintroduces Jumptown  by way of a new in-game server-wide event. Jumptown 2.0 is inspired by the original jump town, which will let both the law-enforcement and the criminals across the universe battle for control over a cache of narcotics. Large scale battles in both familiar and new event locations will take place as both teams try to grab the prize and either secure those drugs or bring them to criminals. This event will run periodically in the persistent universe and takes advantage by adding both a lawful path and an unlawful one. 

Gameplay changes include a series of changes to the law system, which will affect gameplay in and out of Jumptown, but sets the basis for the new style of the event. Among the changes are being able to defend another without getting a crime stat for attacking someone not considered hostile. This issue was the reason why they originally added an Aggravated Vehicular Assault crime to the game and now that the AI will pick up all those going over the friendly fire thresholds as hostile while they hold hostility towards another actor. 

The law system changes also include listing all victims on the infraction notification, so you can better understand what happened. Bounty hunters should now not be able to simply camp the prison, with a reduced trespass area but with a new trespass type that gives a warning and then results in shots being fired if you persist. Friendly fire is also less forgiving if you have a criminal history. And missile damage got some additional changes to max out the friendly fire hostility duration.

Other changes include the new Drake Cutlass Steel, which joins the lineup today. A new working hospital in Area 18 will allow full service shopping for medical supplies as well as healing and reviving players from all types and tiers of injuries.

For the full list of changes and fixes in the update, head over to the announcement on Star Citizen.


Christina Gonzalez

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