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Star Citizen Shows Off Drake Ironclad, Its Upcoming Anticipated Armored Freighter

Like a Caterpillar, but fatter-pillar

Victoria Rose Posted:
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At the tail end of Star Citizen’s annual ship showcase, the Invictus Launch Week, and Drake's showcase ongoing today and tomorrow, the Cloud Imperium team has released a video showing off the latest mid-size cargo ship, the Drake Ironclad. 

The Ironclad is meant to be the middle ground “armored freighter” between the fleet of standard cargo ships and the super-high-end ones already present in Star Citizen. Meant for a six-person crew, it’s got doors for both on-the-ground and in-space loading and unloading, and a solid habitation space. 

Plus, the Ironclad has a ton more armor to be more durable in those bigger, more treacherous journeys and a bit of engineering and architectural considerations for defense scenarios. And if that armor isn’t doing the trick, especially with Star Citizen’s capabilities expanding into combat, there’s a little emergency pod for escaping. In short, as the team mentions later, the team wants to give players of any alignment a chance to own or engage with the ship. 

The video also features a more in-depth tour of the Ironclad (or the “Fatterpillar,” as one commenter calls it, which is freaking fantastic), as well as some more previews of the RSI Polaris Greybox’s interior features. The full sixteen-minute official overview is available on the official Star Citizen channel. 


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