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Star Citizen Shares Upcoming Content and Updates for May

Fleet Week, Theaters of War, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Star Citizen team have shared a look-ahead at what’s in store for May, starting with Alpha 3.9.

The Alpha is currently underway  and features a new landing zone at microTech called New Babbage. It also includes new moons called Clio, Caliope, and Euterpe, in addition to the Klescher Rehab Facility. If you want to learn more about Alpha 3.9, check out the details of the update here.

Referral bonuses are also underway, whereby if you invite a friend into the game before May 11, you and your friend will both receive a Greycat Buggy. You can catch the full details here. Fleet Week returns, which is the period of time between Emancipation Day and Armistice Day. This week brings with it a free fly event, community contests, and more.

Theaters of War is a new mode which is set to debut where you’ll be able to battle on foot, in various vehicles, in addition to space. You’ll fight off with two teams of three, but the team has teased more information about this is incoming.

Squadron 42 was also touched on, but in a vague manner stating,

“As we mentioned in Calling All Devs, we are committed to continuing to give regular updates on Squadron 42 development progress through a variety of avenues, and we’re looking forward checking in with VP of Development Brian Chambers soon for more information on how the teams are doing!”


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