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Star Citizen Shares Crusader Industries Portfolio

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen has shared their Crusader Industries Portfolio, detailing the lore behind the corporation.

The team notes that this particular portfolio was actually first published as a subscriber exclusive back in April 11, 2018. However, as per This Week in Star Citizen, the team is sharing this portfolio piece with the wider community.

Here’s a snippet, but be sure to check out the full portfolio here if interested,

“Makers of the Genesis passenger starliner, an extensive fleet of cargo transport ships, and cutting edge shuttles, Crusader Industries is a titan of the aerospace industry; a company so powerful and prominent that it purchased a gas giant in the Stanton system to house its current headquarters. Despite its extraordinary success, founder August Dunlow was always proudest of the company’s commitment to charitable work and, to this day, Crusader Industries remains one of the most generous corporate donors to nonprofits across the UEE.

As Dunlow famously said, “What good are profits if they don’t lead to progress?” Over the years, some have interpreted this quote to mean that businesses need to constantly invest in themselves to stay on the cutting edge, a strategy Dunlow deployed as CEO. However, according to Francine Konello, author of Dunlow’s authorized biography, the ‘progress’ Dunlow so passionately advocated was social, rather than financial. The betterment of Humanity was a lifelong passion ever since he witnessed, and was forever changed by, one of the most shocking events in UEE history.”


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