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Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup Outlines Several Changes

Some items pushed out

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest roadmap for Star Citizen points to several changes to the schedule.

Server meshing support work has been addressed, with the team citing all pertaining tasks are moved back one quarter for Alpha 4.1. Death animations have seen improvements as well, with physics support for body dragging,

“While Body Dragging will maintain its intended release in Alpha 4.0, Death Animation Improvements will move back one quarter to Alpha 4.1.”

PvP bounties were discussed with work here to be delivered at a later quarter. Regarding the card,

“This Epic was not intended to be displayed publicly at this time, resulting in its removal from the Roadmap. We expect to add additional Bounty Hunter themed cards in the future as front-facing features release dates are decided upon.”

Additionally, several cards were added to the PU roadmap under the Alpha 4.0 column. These cards include:

  • New Baggabe – shop additions
  • Elevator panel updates
  • Heightmap improvements
  • Cutlass blue

You can check out the full roadmap update here.


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