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Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup Include Additions to Alpha 4.0

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen’s Roadmap Roundup include changes to New Targeting Methodology and High Speed Combat, plus changes to the Alpha 4.1.0 card.

Specific to the new targeting methodology and high speed combat, both cards have been moved to the Alpha 4.0 column so they can align with the Ship HUD Rework. Additionally, the Alpha 4.1.0 column has now been added to the PU Roadmap and includes the following:

  • Object Push and Pull | This mechanic allows players to grab a larger object and move it around an environment by either pushing or pulling it.Improved Throw | Improving grenade throwing to make it more accurate and reliable, as well as expanding the throwing mechanic to accommodate other objects in the world.
  • Missile Operator Mode | Missiles will now be controlled under a dedicated missile operator mode, which gives players the option to select and fire specific missiles while operating in ships, such as the Vanguard, which allow for different types of missiles and torpedoes.
  • Ship AI: Hazard Awareness and Avoidance | Improving the AI Avoidance system to identify hazardous entities such as heavily guarded zones, etc. and steer clear of peril accordingly.
  • FPS: Combat Improvements and Polishing | This polishing pass contains final work on behaviors and balancing, as well as bug fixing. The overall goal is to improve the look and feel of character combat in the game.
  • FPS: Realistic Weapon Handling | Adding functionality for AI to evaluate their proficiency with different weapons, use the one best suited to the situation, and manage ammunition accordingly.
  • Mercury Star Runner | Building, implementing, and balancing the Mercury Star Runner as a flight-ready ship.
  • Behring GP-33 Grenade Launcher | Designing and creating the Behring GP-33 grenade launcher. Includes asset creation, animation, and balancing.
  • Greycat FPS Multi-Tool Cutting Attachment | Continued development of the existing Multi-Tool technology that allows players to cut through specific objects. This will primarily include the ability to free-form cut on specific surfaces.


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