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Star Citizen Reveals CitizenCon Schedule and Panel Details Ahead of Saturday Event

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Star Citizen's next event has an official schedule. Cloud Imperium Gameshas released the schedule for Saturday's CitizenCon. The event will be a mix of live and recorded presentations, broadcast on the game's official Twitch channel.

The events kick off on October 9th at 3PM UTC/11am Eastern, and will begin with opening remarks by CIG founder and CEO, Chris Roberts. A few minutes later, the meat of the event begins with a panel called Life in the 'Verse, which features the game's art director, Ian Leyland, live director Todd Papy, and narrative director David Haddock. This panel will take everyone through a tour of Star Citizen as it is now, with an in-depth look at the current in-game universe, locations, systems, and gameplay.

Next up is Ship Talk, which is the 2021 edition of the ship showcase, featuring looks at ships planned, in production, and even ready for updates. Other panels include one on Gen12, the new renderer in development, Crafting Worlds: Planetary Tools & Tech, which is a look at work on creating the planets and environments, and The Sounds of Space, a panel on the game's audio. Additional panels like Systemic Gameplay: Stream of Thought will take viewers through what's coming for Star Citizen, including plans to sell used items, local inventory, physicalized cargo, and the next Dynamic Events.

Things close out with final remarks at 11pm UTC, so this is a very long event day for those who might want to tune in. Of course, Star Citizen has been in active development for some time, but there have been various milestones the game has been hitting more recently. Cloud Imperium will also mark the occasion with some free digital goodies that will arrive for all backers after October 9th.These include the RRS Specialist light armor - Fallout Variant, with matching RRS knife, and a CitizenCon 2951 trophy. For full details on speakers and presentations, head over to the CitizenCon site.


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