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Star Citizen Releases New Roadmap for Squadron 42

You want another roadmap?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The team behind Star Citizen have published a new roadmap for the game and Squadron 42.

But rather than explain the specific updates to development like their more traditional Roadmap Roundups, the post actually explains how to read the roadmap. There are two tracks in the roadmap called the Progress Tracker View and the Release View. Progress Tracker aims to show the community what the team is working on per quarter along with their priorities.

They write that the roadmap is still missing the Core Tech Group which itself includes nine teams which are working on Cache and Server Meshing, as well as AI, Network, Graphics, and Engine.

The Release View, meanwhile, looks at deliverables targeted for the mid term for development. These also contain some items which may be more difficult to predict. The team plan on updating the roadmaps every week.

The post is quite lengthy and if you want to actually read it, you can do so here. At this point, I don’t think yet more roadmaps will surprise anyone.


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