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Star Citizen Publishes Monthly Report for June

New enemies, new AI interactions, new improvements

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Star Citizen has given its most recent Monthy Report for the month of June, covering what they've worked on and teasing what's to come.

The full Monthy Report: June 2020 post goes in-depth into changes made this past month, including improvements to AI, Animation, Art, Gameplay Features, Graphics, and Lighting, and a whole lot more.

This time next month, Alpha 3.10 will be well explored and civilians everywhere will be familiar with the latest iteration of the flight model. Naturally, the devs spent part of June tweaking relevant features and polishing assets to ready them for the masses. However, much more has been done, with tasks for Alpha 3.11 and beyond well underway.

As part of the report, some new screenshots were shared showing off aspects such as crew performing new AI interactions, how lighting has been adjusted on Lorville, and concepts of new enemies like the 'Pyro Crab'. To read everything that the team has been working on, you can view the full report via the link above. In other Star Citizen news, check out their recent Roadmap Roundup and their outlines for upcoming flight and fight improvements.


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